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Friday, July 3, 2009

If anyone is actually still here,can someone update this blog?

Our little memories... 4:08 PM<3

Sunday, December 14, 2008
Remember me.


I am weili.
Weili here.
Leow weili.
Register number 8.
The, sit beside Hanlong and kaixin one.
In between them.
Hanlong is the one that sit beside zhengquan one.
Zhengquan is register number 39 one!!
Then the kaixin I sit beside one is register numnber 2.
She is the one who sat beside the windows that row.
My birthday is on the 8th June.
My horoscope is gemini.
Guys know me right?
Leow weili.
Behind me sat Erwin, Ruiling and Cassandra.
In front me are Siva, Jiayu, Mengcheng, Amelia okay.
Morning assembly i always sit with Cassandra one.




Our little memories... 9:15 PM<3

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Helloooo :D. It's ostensibly my version of Thanksgiving like on the 15th of November, but my lappei crashed so I couldn't carry it out properly.

1. Amelia
Thanks for being by my side during the exam period, quite literally!
AHAHHAH. *cricket sounds* o-o..
I remember once you tried to teach me Chinese, particularly the meaning behind a poem depicting the rhapsodic fall of some cherry blossoms on a stone bridge thing near some castle at a faraway land. I couldn't concentrate on what you were trying to tell me though, cos' it just puzzled me why there would be a stone bridge, not a wooden bridge, why cherry blossoms would be falling, not snow or rain, why there would be a castle etc.
xD You also helped me relax before each paper, particularly History. LOL.

2. Cassandra
Thanks for entertaining me during the exam period too :3. Actually, I think you did it unwittingly, cos' I kinda derived much joy from seeing you try to absorb information, and how you'd groan aloud in agony when you think you have failed.
LOL seriously, it's like quite....cute? HAHAHA.
Kay I'm probably the only one laughing right now... D:

3. Kai Xin
Thanks for laughing at my bad puns. It really ain't an issue to be taken lightly! Cos' usually, people would look like this: =.="
But instead, you would giggle slightly and look like this: ^__^" LOLOL (self-entertainment? D:)
That made me feel special, sorta! :D

4. Yun Jing
LOL okay Thanks for helping me with my Math, especially the silly graph questions that ask us for the equation of the line of symmetry, and I'd be confused as to whether I should write 'y=....' or 'x=....'
I recall this one time I saw you sitting at your seat with a book in your hands. Suddenly, with your face growing pinkish-red, your eyes glistened as your lips trembled uncontrollably! I was like,"ZOMG ARE YOU CRYING!?" and you turned to face me, announcing mournfully,"The dog died!"
"What dog?" I asked, laughing slightly.
"The book! The dog in the book died!"
rofl. Scared me there x.x

5. Kelly
lol Pong Tao xD. Well, thanks for being the team leader in many situations, as well as lending me a listening ear when I had trouble dealing with emotional and/or family issues.
Kay this is gonna get slightly personal, but the time I cherished a lot was on the phone, when I asked,"Actually, are my problems irritating you?"
"No ah," you answered. " But I would say they're quite typical lah..."
Typical, I thought. So they're just small matters not really worth bothering about, eh..
"...But it doesn't mean they're not important."
Shock gripped me before a comforting silence filled the air....at least on my side. LOL

:D it does mean a lot to me!

6. Jia Ying
Thanks for gritting your teeth and bearing with the unfairness of having the teachers jump down your throat for 'not updating the class diary properly' (oh, you know who I mean :D)! Honestly, I think I would have teared up lah, if I were in your shoes lolol.
I think the most comical times were when you were trying to read Chinese passages aloud. LOLOL seriously very cute. idk, I guess we both have this strange twang to our pronunciation cos' we're not used to speaking in Chinese. The only difference is you actually practising it when you DON'T have to!

7. Yoke Leng
Thanks for spreading the word of God to me - forget the Jehovah's Witnesses incident D: I treasure the moments we sang together, for fun and laughter, of course! Like, remember last year, when we wanted to cheer Cui Shan up cos' she thought she had done badly in the exams? HAHA we sang, perhaps too loudly,"I tried so hard, and got so far, but in the end, it doesn't even matter!" such that the whole class grew silent in shock.
LOL yes, to those who were in 1E4 last year and still recall this incident, WE'RE THE CULPRITS. AHAH.

8. Weili
Thanks so much for using your talent in Art to decorate the class! According to Kelly, most of the decorations were put up/drawn by you :D Must have taken a lot of time and effort, unlike yours truly, who took around 15 minutes to draw her favourite food (Ruffles, Cheddar and Sour Cream!) which ended up looking like a scroll. LOL.
The decorations really helped to liven the classroom up - even Mr Ong said the Art teacher looked forward to coming to our class because of this! HAHA.

9. Yixiang
Thanks for stepping up to handle the admin matters of the Chinese pupils in 2E6 (and so well, at that!) lolol. I remember this one time when the Chinese teacher instructed us pupils to take the corrected Chinese Compositions out from her pigeon hole, but you helped us take it voluntarily. However, when you had forgotten to take mine and looked so apologetic, I had to remind you that you weren't even obliged to in the first place! :3

10. Mandy
Thanks for doing so much for Drama xD! While I suppose many others would deem it unimportant, you were the one who bothered enough to go online and find the music background for the group. I also have to apologise uh, cos' I know I've been a real $&!($&* at that time who kept pushing you to do things, though I'm not even the leader LOL.
Wait, maybe I still AM a $&!($&*.
-o kay not the point ._."

11. Jing Rong
Thanks for doing your best in your duties for the class, and in projects xD. I remember this incident when you told me so-and-so's younger sister sent an sms to so-and-so's friend, who personally liked so-and-so, asking that friend if she wanted to go steady with so-and-so. I asked,"Then why that so-and-so never inform his friend that its his sister who sent that sms?!"
Then, so-and-so, who happened to be there, overheard his name and said,"Ehh, you all talking about me ah?"
We both started laughing, and so-and-so furrowed his eyebrows before asking,"What I do sia?"
"It's not what you did, but what you DIDN'T," I replied.
Comical, comical scene. Especially when so-and-so reacted with that ultra constipated expression.

12. Shermin
LOL you have a horrible name man. Anyway thanks for...um building up your confidence this year so that you could motivate others to perform at their best..... o-o.
Um yeah, whatever that means. LOL.

13. Jia Yu
Thanks for accompanying me on bus rides back home, especially last year, when I had little/no self-esteem (?) and strangely felt like the whole world was watching my every move when I boarded any bus. I actually lost some of my unhealthy self-consciousness when you shared jokes with me and showed me lame/weird videos on your handphone! HAHA like the cartoon depicting a little boy whining,"MUMMY! MUMMY! MUMMY! MUMMY! MOMMA! MOMMA! MOMMA! MUM! MUM! MUM! MUM!..."
"WHAAAAAAAAAT!?" The mum finally burst out in exasperation and frustration.
"Nothing! Eheheh!" giggled the boy and ran away LOL.

14. Wei Ting
Thanks for being so hilariously evil towards insects D: LOL. There was this fat little beetle-like insect near my seat during the exam period, trying to get back on its feet as it had some how fallen on its back. It looked so pitiful, and I reached out with my ruler to help flip it over, but then retracted it as I didn't dare do so. You came to the rescue, and when the insect was successfully flipped over, it happily began to crawl away. Then, you acutely attacked it with viciousness using your ruler, and flicked it repeatedly towards the wall of the classroom.
"Ehh don't lah! Aiyo!" I exclaimed.
You just laughed, and continued with your torture. Finally, when you had enough, you helped the poor beetle up on its feet and returned to your place. A few moments later, the beetle fell on its back again, struggling to get back up. I couldn't stop eyeing the beetle afterwards, and it was only when Mandy came to sweep it away did I feel the loss of chemistry.
....What? LOL.

15. Siva
Thanks for doing so much for the Racial Harmony Dance this year! I think you're the essential one who had pieced everything together, while Gek Hwee, Yoke Leng and I contributed here and there. You shouted and screamed at us so frequently that you even lost your voice. I know you did sorta give up and grabbed your bag to leave once cos' you were so frustrated by our unwillingness to co-operate, but we still managed to pull through and came in 1st runner up!

16. Gek Hwee
xD Thanks for tolerating my frequent, inaccurate judgements of people's emotions. LOL. Once, you had class cleanliness duty and were sweeping the floor. You struck me as 'down in the dumps' cos' your head was hanging, your eyes were downcast, and your face was expressionless (strangely, that itself is an expression, is it not? LOL). So I approached you and asked,"Are you okay? I don't know - this may sound funny - but I get this 'cloud of sadness' thingy when I passed by you..."
You look up, and gave me a little shocked expression. There was awkward silence for awhile, before you smiled and said,"No lah. Nothing. Thanks for your concern."

17. Ray
Mwahaha, I shall start pestering you to practise singing with me soon! HAHA well, thanks for sharing my moody moments, and actually noticing the times when I was down. You still scare me though, with your hugs LOL. You went around asking people if you could hug them once, and Han Long happened to be there. You then held out your arms and asked,"Han Long! Can I hug you?"
"No." He paused before adding,"Lame."
LOLOL that some how strikes me as funny!

18. Cui Shan
"Chee hee!" you squeal.
*hair stands* LOL Thanks for attempting to patch Kelly, Yoke Leng and I together after each and every dispute. Somehow, we earn an "F" for being the 'Most Understanding Friend' rofl. And oh, my sweet Juliet, lovest thou me?

19. Vivian
Thanks for bringing much laughter to our clique last year :D I recall us trying to learn some hip hop dance with Siva, Kelly, Cui Shan, Gek Hwee (or was it Jing Rong, or neither lol?) and a few others. We were trying to do the 'wave' thing with our bodies, but sadly, we were quite inflexible. In the end, we switched to singing 'Come on Over' by Christina Aguilera.
However, after a few friendship glitches here and there, Mrs Lee simply asked either Gee Lam or I to perform a piano piece in front of the whole Secondary One level x.x

20. Ruilin
Thanks for tickling me pink during P.E. lessons! lol I recall several occasions whereby the class was asked to play games of their choice, so I chose badminton, together with Cui Shan, Yoke Leng and Kelly, at the little area in front of the football field. You and Meng Chen just sat at the bench though, chatting away.
"Ehh, y'all wanna play or not?" I asked.
Suddenly, both of you stopped talking and froze before simultaneously - and I really mean AT THE SAME TIME - turning to face me, grinning with the same intensity, unblinking.
There was seemingly unnerving silence, before you two turned to face each other AT THE SAME TIME again *hair stands*, and we all burst into peals of laughter lol.

21. Gee Lam
Thanks for being my first friend in this school! Side track: I think I shouldn't have hurt you by saying that at that time lah. Sorry x.x
On track LOL: You did help me settle down, and we explored the new environment together :3.
"Ehh, when's your birthday ah?" I asked.
"When's yours?"
"Say yours first - I confirm younger than you one!"
"Oh yeah? I born in December leh." You retorted convivially.
"I also!"
"Kay, 23rd December!"
I burst out laughing before replying,"My...My birthday's on 24th December! AHAHAAA!"
Somehow I sound so childish o_O. lolol.

22. Meng Chen
Thanks for helping me in my Chinese lol. I think I had to rush some homework after school at that time, and couldn't find the appropriate Chinese word for 'excursion' D:
I walked around the class and asked several people for help.
Gee Lam said something like,"Lu xing?"
"Is meh?! I thought 'lu xing' was holiday or something?"
"Go ask Meng Chen lah."
So I did, and man, you solved my issue right away :3.

23. Afiq
Hmm, thanks for (perhaps unwittingly) entertaining me with stuff about the person you adored, and telling me more about the Islam culture! And sorry if I have accidentally insulted your religion D:
lol I guess the weirdest time was on msn, when Yoke Leng and I had to print out the Read-It Artefact (scrapbook) but my printer ran outta ink. Then we kinda side-tracked and Yoke Leng wanted you to add her on msn, and you asked her for her email when I had just told you what it was a few moments ago.
"I was lazy to scroll up." you reasoned.
"Laziness never accomplishes anything!" Yoke Leng retorted.
"It helped Japan conquer Singapore in WWII"
"But it didn't help the British"
"BUT the Japanese accomplished something, didn't they?"
"but it wasn't the japanese who accomplished it through laziness. they merely gained advantage through the british's laziness. besides, WWII isn't such an accomplishment, is it? they still fell."
And so on lol.

24. Yi Hong
Thanks for trying to cheer me up on several occasions with your bad puns lol! Can't remember any incident too discretely, but I do, unfortunately, remember you mimicking my laughter last year. LOL.
Okay I know it used to be high-pitched and loud, but I've toned down, kay?

25. Han Long
Thanks for keeping Cui Shan, Yi Yin, Yoke Leng, Kelly, Siva, Jia Ying, a few others and I awake on the bus trip back from the class outing in the June holidays! For reasons unknown, it was quite late at night and Cui Shan was scared out of her wits by the darkness, thinking there were ghosts and all, and you aggravated the situation by talking about it. We then got to the topic of whether or not a pregnant black cat jumping over a corpse would revive it.
"Should be la.... Got superstition right?" Siva voiced out.
"Then white cat leh?" you asked.
"Don't think so? Dunno."
"Oh... Then if you paint a black cat white leh?"
".....Eh you paint a black cat white or pink or blue or what is still naturally black right?!"
LOL that time Siva like slightly irritated le.
HAHA quite funny lah!

26. Yu Hong
Thanks for 'acting emo' that time when we met up together with Han Long, Zheng Quan and Yoke Leng to discuss what topic we wanted for the 7th Elementz Competition thing in Burger King :D LOL it was quite comical luh, especially when Han Long joined in.
"Hey, so what you all wanna do?" I asked.
"Don't talk to me, I'm emo," you said and plugged your ears with music.
"But you're the one talking to us first!" Yoke Leng replied.
"Shut up lah..." Han Long said.
Zheng Quan basically shook his head and sat through it all. LOL.
Repeat this for around an hour to get a feel of how our 'discussion' took place.

27. Yi Yin
Thanks for being so enthusiastic in class! I know many don't appreciate it, but if it weren't for you, the class would pretty much be gloomy and lifeless. A comical time was when Cassandra and Jia Ying were absent from school.
It was around 6.50 a.m.-ish (?) and the class was locked outside the classroom as we didn't know who had the key to open it. Cui Shan and Jing Rong then decided to look for you at the parade square, where you were in your CCA, in fall-in position. I, on the other hand, happily stood at the staircase in front of our classroom with a full view of the scenario.
They ran towards you, but gradually slowed to an unsure walk. Eventually they stopped all together, and began to fumble about and fidget. Like, right there lolol. After some time, Cui Shan approached a lady teacher ?_? who was briefing you for your CCA's camp, I think. She called you out, and then both of you began talking animatedly. Cui Shan and Jing Rong ran back to class after that, only to announce you didn't have the key LOLOL.

I don't know why, but that tickles me xD.

28. Erwin
Thanks for making me laugh, especially during the time we helped Mr Ong out for the 'O' levels. I think it was during our lunch break with Jia Ying that we some how started talking about what 'lizard' was in Hokkien.
"I think it's 'ka zhua' leh." I said. "No wait, 'ka zhua' is chocolate..."
"CHOCOLATE AHAHAAA!" you laughed, cracking Jia Ying and I up.
"Eh is 'cockroach'," I later corrected myself.
Btw I found out that 'lizard' is 'xin tang', with 'xin' having the 3rd intonation in Chinese, and 'tang' having the second. LOL.

29. Jeremy
Thanks for being so comical lol. I think there was once last year, when we were being taught by Mrs Lee, and you forgot to bring your notebook, together with Yi Hong, Rakesh and Chun Hong. All of you were made to take foolscap paper and stand at the back of the class as punishment, but there was an extra table and chair, and you sat there I think. Soon, you flirted (?) lol with Chun Hong and asked him rather flirtatiously,"Hey Chun Hong, you wanna sit on my lap?"
"Shut up lah." He replied.
LOL it's like hilarious.

30. Daryl
Thanks for being so crazily brainy in a way that shocks my friends, which in turn strikes my funny bone.
I think I have tons of funny bones o-o. =.= kay I digressed.
The incident I remember most distinctively was when you were asked to answer the question of why the solvent front should not overshoot the top of the chromatogram during Science lesson, some time at the start of this year.
Yoke Leng and I were discussing, and I concluded it was because the paper chromatogram would tear if we tried to remove it. LOL ROFL. D:
"So Daryl, tell me, why is it the solvent front should not overshoot the top of the chromatogram?" Ms Koh asked.
"It's cos' the Rf value cannot be determined accurately."
Whoa lol.
It's either you're smart, or I'm dumb.
Then again, maybe it's both lol.

31. Kenny
rofl Thanks for being yourself :3. By that, I mean you spontaneously turning around to face Jian Wei and going,"WAZZUUUUUUUP?!" when he calls you LOL, air drumming/guitaring, and announcing things like,"Copy attack!" LOL. I appreciate the time when you sent me an sms stating a single word,"Bye", when you had arrived at your bus stop near Seletaris. It was on the 11th of October, after the trip to Sentosa with Jing Rong, Cui Shan, Kelly, Zheng Quan, Yu Hong and I. We walking towards the 859/856/800 bus stop (?) at Yishun's bus interchange when you commented you felt 856 would come first and went into the waiting line without telling me. I waited outside the waiting lines instead and thought you didn't want me to converse with you anymore. As a result, when 856 came and we boarded the bus, I didn't sit with you. lolol Thus the pleasant surprise when you smsed me :3.

32. Chun Hong
Thanks for horsing around with Rakesh, particularly last year! I don't think I was too focused on my studies then, so I appreciate the silly things you did with him LOL. Sitting at a miserable corner of the class made lessons even more of a bore, but you managed to relieve it by attempting to kill Rakesh with rulers, pretending to have an msn conversation with him, and much more :D.

33. Alif
Thanks for making me feel less awkward during Art lesson last year xD. I was seated at a table with you, Jasiel, Jeremy, Kenny, Han Long I think, and a few others at that time, and unfortunately, Jasiel kept talking about sex-related topics. lol x.x
Also, thanks for smsing me random stuff like,"Did you know that 'This sentence is true.' is untrue, and neither is this one?" which purged me of some of my boredom.

34. Jian Wei
Zha bor :D. Thanks for teaching me Hokkien! I remember during the Mooncake Festival (a.k.a Mid-Autumn Festival D: lol!), I somehow came across the topic of the Hokkien word for 'tortoise' with my family, so I smsed you to ask you what it was.
"Orh gui" you replied.
The next day, you told Kenny about it. "Ehh, you know this girl ah, yesterday at 10.30 p.m. liddat sms me to ask what is 'tortoise' in Hokkien =.="
It didn't occur to me how random it was. LOL. Also, thanks for putting up with my nonsense about how girls are unpredictable, manipulative, stupid, troublesome and gay. LOL.
"Oh...I get it! I see, okay...Alright...........May I have your number? May I have it? May I?" xD!

35. Rakesh
Thanks for making the 'satay chicken' at the class outing during the June holidays! We were supposedly finishing up a barbecue around 9 p.m.-ish, and since there was satay sauce, raw chicken pieces and no satays left, you scooped some satay sauce onto the chicken pieces and barbecued it. According to Jian Wei, it was quite tasty :D LOL.
Well, you certainly made the class outing more enjoyable, for those who were present at that time!

36. Kun Yan
Thanks for entertaining Kelly during lesson time LOL, and using the same sneaky tactic in the game of "Murderer", where you'd lie down on the table with your arm covering like 3/4 of your face so that winking would be an easy crime to get away with!
I really suck at that game D: LOL.

37. Joseph
Thanks for making me realize how fortunate I am to have my friends and family :D. According to Siva, you're a super comical lab partner who loves switching on the gas tap to almost full blast and scaring the daylights outta her.
"Oi! Don't open the fire so big lah." she'd say.
"I like the sound. *stares mesmerized at fire from bunsen burner*"
And you would also spontaneously announce to her your cravings for chicken rice. lolol.

38. Khai Liang
Thanks for keeping Yun Jing, Jian Wei and I occupied during 'boring' lessons *cough cough* :D LOL. There was once when Rakesh, Afiq, Vivian, Kenny, Jian Wei, Yun Jing, you and I played a game during English lesson. There was a list of words written on a few pieces of cards, and one of us had to choose a particular word and give only synonyms of it. The other people in the group would try to guess the word.
Too bad we weren't really playing it fairly. For example, Rakesh picked a word and said,"The end of James' name."
"Morrison? Blunt?" I asked.
"Correct! It's 'blunt'."
Anyway, you were like giving abstract clues at that time. "Cars.... uh, big house, jewellery..."
"Singer? Famous? Celebrity?"
We soon gave up and peered at the card. Luxurious.
LOL like why didn't we think of that. xD!

39. Zheng Quan
Thanks for photocopying the Chinese 'prep' examination questions for the EOY ke wen li jie - most of the questions did appear :3!
You also co-operated with Siva a lot, for the Racial Harmony Day Dance Competition thing, and I think you're also the second person behind Kai Xin to make me feel like talking about electrolysis and stuff is perfectly normal. lolol.

I love you guys, 2E4 :D! Thank God for all the wonderful times we had together, and the memories we shared.
No matter how life may spiral out of control, do try to recall what's the most important to you, and keep on keeping on xD.

Dedicated to all of you. lolol :3


Our little memories... 10:54 AM<3

Thursday, October 23, 2008


Date: 5th Nov

Time: 8am (meet @ Yishun MRT) to 7.30pm (reach Yishun MRT)

Venue: Sentosa

Things to bring:
1.Extra Clothes
3.Money (lunch not provided)
4.Water bottle
5.EZ-link card
6.Handphone (if have)
7.Sun Screen/lotion


8am-9.30am (travelling from yishun to sentosa)

9.30am-12noon (Amazing Race)

12noon-1.30pm (lunch)

1.30pm-3pm (Water activities)

3pm-5pm (Free and easy)

5pm-6pm (Finale)

6pm-7.30pm (Travelling from Sentosa to Yishun)

Rules to comply:

1. Everyone has to participate in all activities.

2. Listen and follow instructions given out by the committee members.

3. Be responsible for your own belongings/valuables.

4. Do not wander away on your own. Inform the committee members of your whereabouts.


Our little memories... 6:11 PM<3



Next year most of us will be in different class... I do hope that everyone will remember those memorable times we had as class 2E4 =]

Hope you all end up in a sec3 class that you like!

A picture of my Eeyore to end of this post!


Our little memories... 5:06 PM<3

Thursday, October 9, 2008


Aren't you guys happy?
Mr Ong may teach some express sec 3 class or some Normal tech class,
but who knows what class he will be teaching?
i guess we'll be held in suspense?


Our little memories... 8:45 PM<3

Tuesday, September 9, 2008
It Had To Come Sooner Or Later Anyway

CHRIST. I don't possess any weird inclination whatsoever for accessing idiocy-filled messages, but geez.

Can you people bring your controversy-deluged bullshit somewhere else? I don't think anyone's appreciating its presence here so yeah.

Hanlong - You don't have to bring what he said in YOUR tagboard here, nobody cares about such stuff that much. As far as I know, noone in the class' tagboard has been offended by sf himself. Keep your personal things personal. Settle it with him somewhere other than here, please?

Joseph - Please quarrel with him until someone wins. But not here.

Other people not involved but act as though they are - Please get out, you guys are just making it worse.

And to the people who say that I'm too cooped up in my world of seriousness and quiescence, entertainment does not equal to turmoil.


Our little memories... 7:57 PM<3

S H O U T O U T !

###! Have you read Rule #6? !###
tag board here